Saturday, May 01, 2010

Lobe Wonder-ful

Two and a half years after we posted about this innovative product, we have finally received feedback from a reader who suffers from droopy earlobe syndrome. Thanks to this surgery-free option she can now adorn her ears with pretty, shiny earrings once again!

Previously known as the Ear Lift, the Lobe Wonder continues to do its magic...

"Okay. So I did it. I went to the "Lobe Wonder" website and I purchased said otic marvels. And damned if they don't work! You had to buy a minimum of 2 packages but even with shipping and $ conversion, I spent less than C$17 for something like 120 little ear patches. I've tried them with big hoops (!). It's been years since I've worn any hoops. Then I tried studs. Worked for them too. I am one very happy camper. Thanks for leading me down the lobe-prosthesis path!"
~Laurel Bailey, Owner - Naked Soapworks