Friday, April 16, 2010

The Road Trip

Our trip to the Wild Rose Country last week was short and sweet, but defintely worthy of our efforts.  The long, white-knuckle drive through the Rockies was challenging at best, but the fun really began just outside of Calgary when a freak snowstorm left us trying to navigate in blizzard whiteout conditions during rush hour!  Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse...there was an electrical storm too. The street signs were completely covered with snow, which made finding our final destination near impossible.  Note to self...pick up a GPS before the next trip.

The most incredible part was waking up to a beautiful sunny day the next morning with barely a snowflake in sight. We heard stories of how folks out there have seen it snow in Calgary every month of the year...wth? Ugh, I'm good, thanks.
The Portobello West Market itself was good fun with groovin' music and energy.  Our bling rings were quite popular, as were vintage Emerald AB chandeliers - both pairs were barely on the rack thirty minutes after Jesee finished making them.

We lucked out as far as neighbours go, when we set up shop next to Amber Chernipeski from the Farm Girl artist.  LOVE her work and we couldn't wait for the end of the show to do our trading - one of the benefits of mutual art admiration :o)

I noticed that crowds of women were stockpiling dresses from Elroy Apparel. Upon closer inspection snooping, I understood their fascination with this unique line of organic clothing that is now on MY wish list. Leanne McElroy designs rock! I just may need to head out to the Portobello Vancouver market on the 25th...?

Of course we couldn't leave Alberta without a jaunt to the Real Canadian Liquorstore to pick up some Segura Viudas.  It was quite a trip walking in there and being forced to buy in multiples of six to get the better price. Gotta love the Stupidstore concept that essentially gave me two bottles of cava gratis!

So here's a bubbly toast to Calgary and hoping that we make it back for another trip soon!