Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bon Appétit!

Le Creuset 'Flame' cast iron collection + vintage poster in designer Wary Meyers' kitchen
Photo Credit: xjavierx on Flickr

It was long overdue...we finally started our collection of Le Creuset cookware when I gifted Jesee with a 5.2L Round French Oven at Christmas. Choosing the colour was a piece of cake, as Flame is the original colour from this longstanding product line and also happens to be Jesee's favourite colour.

We mulled over what should be the first dish cooked in this vibrant orange vessel, agreeing that it should be memorable since our children would be inheriting this culinary legacy. The choice was almost too obvious when we decided on Julia Child's Bœuf Bourguignon. I remember being amused by her kitchen blunders on her cooking shows, and watching Meryl Streep portray her so accurately in Julie & Julia, rekindled the love for some classic French cooking.

Not one to ever follow a recipe as written, Jesee added his own touches here and there. It resulted in all of us feeling as if we had died and gone to heaven; sadly there was barely enough for leftovers the next evening *oink*

We have since enjoyed numerous fragrant and flavourful stews in our beloved enameled cast iron pot including one of our all time favourites - Estafado de Pulpo. I'm so glad I invested in our Le Creuset casserole, as it only encourages more lovin' in the kitchen.