Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Tale of Two Restaurants

One night during one of Vancouver's famous torrential downpours, we popped into La Taqueria for a quick bite to get out of the rain and warm up.

The countless online rave reviews prompted us to try this little hole in the wall.  It was a fantastic finger-licking experience, as we devoured authentic tacos of Cochinita Pibil (pork in achiote and orange sauce), De Lengua (braised pemberton meadows beef tongue) and Rajas Con Crema (roasted poblano peppers with creamed corn, sour cream and mexican cheese).

Service was friendly, attentive and efficient and yes indeed, they are the best tacos in Vancouver!

Another hidden gem we need to give a shout out to is Pepe and Gringo's up in Squamish. On our way down from Whistler after a great weekend of Christmas sales, we met up with friends who recommended this because it had something for everyone - always a good thing when you're too tired to give much thought to what you really feel like eating.

The day seemed to never end, as we cautiously drove in the foggy winter conditions on the winding, unfinished highway of the Sea-to-Sky. We arrived cold and consumed. After reviewing the menu and reading that they served both Chicken Vindaloo and Butter Chicken accompanied with naan bread and rice, it was a no brainer...or was it?

Jesee and I had been listening to the eastern flavours of the Buddha Chillout Lounge which is what fostered our craving for Indian food in the first place, but who in their right mind orders Indian food from a restaurant called Pepe and Gringo's in Squamish, BC?

In short, our meals were incredibly flavourful, perfectly spiced and well presented. It far exceeded our expectations and I had to ask our server, "By any chance are the chefs in the kitchen Indian?".  We had our "a-ha" moment and continued to lick our plates clean.

Once again, cheery, friendly service and honest food will surely bring us back for another go at this neighbourhood fave (tucked away behind the Chevron station).