Sunday, October 25, 2009


I had set my alarm for 01h55 01h57 allowing me just minutes to wake up and jump online. The apple glowed in the darkness of the living room, my eyes still full of sleep were forced to stare at the screen while I stretched my nervous fingers like a concert pianist typing student anticipating the countdown of a test.

The frenzy of buyers vying for billetes at overloaded the circuits and repeatedly booted me out [insert choice words here], but perseverance paid off after nearly thirty minutes. Confirmation email received at 02h28...we were the lucky owners of three seats to see the opening night of U2's 360° Tour at Camp Nou in Barcelona. To satisfy my curiosity, I logged back on at 05h30...SOLD OUT. I later read that a new Spanish record was made when these concert tickets sold out in 54 minutes!

Woohoo...only three more months until the big night!

June 30, 2009

We had already been in Barcelona for six days when the day of the concert finally arrived. Average temperatures since our arrival were about 35°C + 75% humidity levels = más cerveza, por favor! The box office opened at noon and as you can see in the video, there were thousands of people already queued for the general admission seating and most likely turned up after the clubs closed in the early hours.

It took some time to reach the ticket office from the metro, as Camp Nou is HUGE! Once we walked around to the OTHER side of the stadium, I was most impressed with the efficient system of ticket retrieval - easy access, just enough friendly checkpoint staff, in and out in less than five. Once they were in our hands, it was extremely tempting to sell these tickets for ridiculous sums of money people were willing to much that we could have paid for our entire holiday with these three little tickets...

At a monetary investment of 34.50€ per ticket (¿why didn't I buy more?) - we were intrigued, but fatigued - the heat may have caused us to make a potentially unwise decision. A meeting of the minds over a tapas and caña was in order.

Supertramp Live in Paris (1979) - Jesee was at this concert and still remembers it vividly; I wanted our daughter to have U2 in Barcelona etched in her memory, so the jury voted...we go.

Bono did not disappoint. We sang, we danced, we screamed along, we drank and dialled and left incomprehensible voicemail messages to friends back home. Woohoo! I picked up the obligatory concert tee on our way out as we queued up for the train back to our flat. Soothed by the nicely chilled metro, we relived the moments of the evening with fellow concert goers. *shiver*

In just a few days, U2 will come to Vancouver for their last date of the 360° Tour in 2009. As I listen to the Camp Nou concert setlist on my iTunes, I ponder...would attending this concert lessen the memory of BCN for me? Clearly, BC Place Stadium is no Camp Nou. That experience was surreal. It was freakin' amazing. It was "Magnificent".

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Perhaps after watching the global live webcast of U2 in Pasadena tonight, we will have the answer.