Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Give Me a Ring

The trend of the week at Izzy and Buds appear to be our Swarovski crystal bling rings.

It all started at the Wired Woman Fashion Show last week, which was tons of fun meeting all these wonderful, intelligent women in the IT and new media industry. There's something so civilized about enjoying a glass of wine and groovin' to the tunes of DJ Leanne while shopping for shiny baubles. Several lucky ladies left with rings adorning their fingers that night and to our pleasant surprise...a couple more throughout the weekend.

It was also on that night, we sold our 3D chandeliers to a very special customer. Anita thought she recognized our jewelry from a show in West Vancouver a couple of years ago. She had purchased a pair of our brilliant Swarovski hoops for herself despite the fact she didn't have pierced ears. She admitted that she soon after went and had her ears pierced, just so that she could wear our earrings. *blush*

Unfortunately, Anita has since lost those earrings, so we were destined to meet again. When I held up these dangling pieces of architecture next to her face - I knew she would do them justice.