Saturday, March 28, 2009

¿Bulli, Gaudi y Jesee?

Three eccentric Spaniards all with a common passion to create dramatically visual art which is subjective to the eye of the beholder.

Ferran Adrià, world renowned chef of El Bulli has created much controversy amongst food purists that describe his unparallelled dishes as molecular gastronomy. While this type of experimental fare doesn't really tickle our culinary appetite, there is a morbid curiosity within us to go just for the adventure. With limited reservations (open June to December) accepted only on one single day in October for the following year, I would hope that my U2 ticket buying experience rubs off ;)

In preparation for a recent photo shoot with Martin Krzywinski from Lumondo Photography, I directed Jesee to create some extraordinary pieces for himself and not just something uninspired for the mainstream market. One of the results was this pair of three-dimensional hematite and crystal earrings...a purely unconscious resemblance to Gaudi's avant-garde design of La Sagrada Familia...crazy minds think alike.