Wednesday, January 28, 2009

La Isla Bonita

Carmen is a passionate love story of a free-spirited gypsy involved in a fiery romance with both a toreador and a jealous, inexperienced soldier that eventually results in her demise.

Jesee makes no secret of his dislike for the French opera, but as we were able to acquire good seats for a song, he reluctantly obliged. We are far from being experts and as fond as we are of the score, we concluded that Bizet's Carmen lacks the authentic feeling and portrayal of the Spanish joie de vivre. IOHO, had it been written in either Spanish or Italian, it would have felt much less constrained, allowing the lyrics to freely roll off the actors' tongues and thus exercising the power of passion.

The flights for our three-week Spanish holiday are booked and negotiations on a beach front apartment for our stay are nearly finalized. Next on the agenda is the planning of Jesee's 50th birthday and what comes to mind is a great big pig roast at the family hideaway...

Current Read: Everything but the Squeal - Eating the Whole Hog in Northern Spain