Monday, September 22, 2008

just edgy

Some random thoughts from my commute in this morning...

crisp, windy ride on the first day of Fall
ears saved by an Annie Lennox remix
inspiration strikes; time for suits and androgyny
alternative look does not equal alternative lifestyle
I'm not a lipstick...just edgy
summer is over, resistance is futile

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just butter us up...

It was an impulsive moment, a random act of kindness - it felt good then, but it feels even better now...

Hi Jesee & Koko,

I was on Bowen Island last Sunday at the fair near the docks. Jesee saw my earrings (the spiralling wire ones) and saw that something was missing. I was very touched by the friendliness of both of you, that you would would add the black beads free of charge.

I gratefully accept your gift to me, and will look for ways to pay this kind of generosity "forward".

All the best to you both,