Monday, May 26, 2008

Spa of the Moment

Izzy and Buds will soon be available at the Urban Phoenix Wellness Spa located in the historic Galbraith House in New Westminster, BC.

This intimate and ethereal spa setting is the perfect compliment to showcase our goddess jewelry for women with discriminating appetites.

Hey guys, in case you had any doubt, the spa isn't just for the ladies. Manscaping services are also available at the Urban Phoenix.

Summer is the time to attack those tumbleweeds head-on. Furry toes and ears are SO not attractive; go ahead and pamper yourself - go get defuzzed.

Those closest to me know about my eyebrow obsession and how I like them well-manicured. Jesee and I actually have personal grooming days together, which include trips to the barber and getting our eyebrows threaded.

Feeling brave? Why stop there? Michael Ford's article in Friday's news brought a giggle to my morning commute.

"The consensus is clear when it comes to the boxer-short region; it definitely needs to be kept under control. There is nothing attractive about a wilderness down there".

Those who dare may order a back, crack and sac service, but be warned that this is not for the faint of heart.

Urban Phoenix Wellness Spa
131 8th Street
New Westminster, BC