Monday, March 24, 2008

Sign of the Times

A recent telephone conversation with my mother went something like this:

Moi: Amy and I are taking the kids to the Vancouver Art Gallery for Super Sunday, what are you doing tomorrow?

Mom: Your dad and I are going to the Future Shop to buy a Wii.

Moi: What for?

Mom: For your dad and I to get some exercise. Did you know that medical researchers have shown that the Wii is an excellent tool for increasing activity levels? Some are even using it for rehabilitation therapy!

Moi: OMG mom, are you serious? "They" (the so called medical experts) are referring to near comatose couch potatoes. Last time I checked, you and dad each have two working legs and have been going to the gym regularly! I hope you don't expect to replace your cardio with this silly idea! *shaking my head*

Mom: Oh no, I'm going to do both. I'll still do one hour of cardio in the gym and then come upstairs to play with my Wii.

Moi: *sigh* Whatever...I can't believe you're doing this. We'll do girls day out without you then.

In a separate phone conversation with my sister:

Moi: You're not going to believe what mom and dad are going to buy tomorrow! They're going out to buy their very own Wii. According to some study, many medical centers...blah, blah, blah.

Sis: Well, I guess we can buy her games for her birthday then! LOL

So today we went to EB Games to get some expert advice and purchase some games.

Moi: I'd like to purchase some games for the Wii, but need some recommendations.

EB Staff: Okay, what age group (pointing down at my six-year-old niece) are you buying for?


EB Staff: Oh #$*@! I don't know what to recommend! Whatever I suggest she's going to hate it. You should probably get her a gift card and let her choose her own. Lots of old ladies like Big Brain Academy or maybe Mario Party 8. I really don't know, I don't think I was ever a sixty-five-year-old granny in a past life.

Moi: Yeah, my twenty-year-old son and I were checking the online reviews. All the reviews are done by gamers, so it wasn't much help.

EB Staff: YOU have a TWENTY-year-old kid? Wow, I can't believe this, you look like you're twenty yourself!

Okay very cute sales boy (in a geeky kind of way), you get BIG points for that - especially since I will soon be celebrating the ten year anniversary of my 33rd birthday.

My sister and I settled on getting mom Dancing with the Stars while I "floated" out of the store.