Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Best Place on Earth

How lucky are we? We live in "the best place on earth"! We have travelled and lived in many places around the world and conclude that beautiful British Columbia will always be home.

*Although we love to travel and experience new territories, BC remains our home-base.

Yes, it rains more often than not, but it gives us so much lucsious green space and the smell of the forests right after a rainfall is intoxicating.

We have amazing mountains to climb and ride during all FOUR seasons and an ocean that provides us with some of the world's best sashimi. *smack*

So for all you virtual visitors, join us in celebrating BC's 150th anniversary.


Blessed we are having all this natural beauty around us to keep things in perspective when life isn't going quite the way we planned.

Song in My Head: Walls Come Tumbling Down - The Style Council