Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hush Little Baby

This morning I slept in (very unusual), as I was deeply consumed by a bizarre and preposterous dream.

Not up for a repeat performance, una taza de manzanilla should lull me right into some sweet Spanish (i.e. Rafael Nadal) dreams. *yawn*

Buenas noches.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Circa 1972 - I was barely a metre tall when I learned the MacLean Method of Handwriting at Seaforth Elementary School. I was extremely conscientious about staying within the ruled lines of my exercise book and would not accept anything short of perfection.

I remember having a few pen-pals around the globe and writing weekly letters in hopes of keeping the chain going. I faithfully wrote in my Chinese silk-covered journal EVERY night and as a grew older, I sent love letters to Paris written with my special calligraphy pen on scented (Coco Chanel) note paper and sealed it with a Revlon "Love That Red" kiss. Not so much Jane Austen material as it was Bridget Jones.

Soon handwritten letters were replaced with IBM Selectric "novels" thanks to Mrs. Powell, my eighth grade typing teacher who helped me accomplish my 90 wpm typing speed. Once computers came around, there was no turning back...even Christmas cards were eventually replaced with electronic greetings!

My once fine penmanship had become barely legible chicken scratch, hence my decision to try and resurrect this lost art. I started by purchasing a note card from The Beautiful Project on Etsy. Carefully thought out words were written to a dear friend who recently moved away to Macao. There was no room for error, no backspacing, no do-overs. I was so proud of this little achievement and couldn't wait to post this in the mail. *self-pat on the back*

About a week later, I found the note card in MY mailbox with a "postage due" sticker on it! It had been so long since I actually mailed anything, that I underestimated the postage costs! *bubble bursting*

This little chagrin will not stop me from future social correspondence, as I have yet to find the perfect occasion for this note card.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Best Place on Earth

How lucky are we? We live in "the best place on earth"! We have travelled and lived in many places around the world and conclude that beautiful British Columbia will always be home.

*Although we love to travel and experience new territories, BC remains our home-base.

Yes, it rains more often than not, but it gives us so much lucsious green space and the smell of the forests right after a rainfall is intoxicating.

We have amazing mountains to climb and ride during all FOUR seasons and an ocean that provides us with some of the world's best sashimi. *smack*

So for all you virtual visitors, join us in celebrating BC's 150th anniversary.


Blessed we are having all this natural beauty around us to keep things in perspective when life isn't going quite the way we planned.

Song in My Head: Walls Come Tumbling Down - The Style Council