Monday, November 12, 2007

Bon Profit!

The fertile land and warm, sunny Mediterranean climate definitely makes everything in Spain taste better. Eating in Spain is a social experience that is the nucleus of Spanish culture. Coming back to Vancouver was a bit of a culinary let-down, as impromptu gatherings with family and friends are not so easy when you don't live in a small town like Sóller.

Here are blurbs of some very memorable foods we enjoyed and very much miss.

An unbelievably yummy cup of café con leche is available at every bar/cafe for only 1.25€. No need to queue or ramble some lengthy description to a perky barista only to receive a mediocre beverage. Just good, honest coffee.

Ensaimadas are a traditional Mallorcan pastry that is often imitated, but never duplicated. This delectable sweet is worth the price of the plane ticket to get there!

The endless assortment of olives and cured hams from the local market can make a grown man cry of happiness. Tease him with patatas bravas baked in duck fat and that will send him over the edge.

Cocas are a Mallorcan pizza that are often served as appetizers or snacks. It is similar to their French cousin, la pissaladière.

I could not eat enough figs during our stay. Always keeping an eye out for a fig tree, my brother-in-law taught me that the best tasting figs are the ones that you steal. I got use to his little disappearances during our strolls :o)

It is without a doubt that the flan (also known as crème caramel) is the quintessential comfort food. You can keep your Ben & Jerry's cuz I've got flan - and none of that store-bought kind either.