Sunday, September 30, 2007

Balaeric Break

Our timing couldn't be more perfect as we head off to sunny Mallorca, Spain, far away from this dreadfully cold and rainy BC weather - which is here to stay for the next six months! *sigh*

Without a doubt, the return of prodigal son will enlist compulsory celebrations with much food and drink including that from the bodega of José L. Ferrer where, "In vino veritas, the truth is found in wine."

We'll also be scouring the local markets in hopes of finding vintage crystals for our holiday collection. Our designs using these unique and precious beads have proven to be bestsellers year after year.

A trip to the Baleares would not be complete without a boat ride to the island of Ibiza, most famously known for it's non-stop parties. Even if the summer season is over, it will be quite the trip returning to the scene of the crime, where Jesee was one of the first DJ's spinning there some thirty years ago!

Much to see, much to do and there isn't enough time for it all, but I must make time to stalk run into hunky tennis pro Rafael Nadal. It's no secret that I have a HUGE crush on him and this would really complete my trip ;o)

I do not anticipate keeping up with the blog during our holiday, but one never knows, so hasta la vista...