Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Please don't squeeze the Charmin!

Jesee's set up of crystal beads and findings are always an impressive attraction. Undoubtedly, it fascinates curious onlookers to watch him work and many like to come and touch his fussy display. I suppose the vast array of colours and bling begs inquisitive hands to fondle the goods, but REALLY it's not a good thing.

Being set up on an uneven surface for outdoor markets always leaves the table resting precariously to begin with, so when people come by and touch - it makes for a very nervous Jesee. Past experience evinces that signage is generally ignored...its human nature.

A few summers ago, his worse nightmare came true. A windy day along with a jerk and a jolt led to the unfortunate catastrophe of tens of thousands of crystals tipping all over the grass. It made a grown man cry.

As other vendors and customers stooped low to the ground to aid us is picking up his precious gems, I came up with the clever idea to contact a friend on the island whom I hoped had a Shop-Vac. Marcus came to our rescue and brought down the crystal picker-upper from his studio. We plugged it in to an exterior outlet at the marina and started vacuuming the grass! What a sight and what a job it was to sort out all the dirt and grass from the crystals and arrange them all back into the proper containers by colour, size and shape.

So if you come to our table and find Jesee somewhat excitable (unlike a puppy dog) if you get too close to his crystals, you'll understand why.