Monday, September 24, 2007

Pass the Dutchie

This entry is dedicated to our ardent readers in Holland...

As I remember, my first Dutch encounter was with an ultra handsome hottie from Amsterdam visiting for the summer. I was seventeen and very much impressionable. Edwin (named hottie) single-handedly influenced my appetite for Heinekins, Droste and Spetters.

My foolish infatuation even led to a short-lived Dutch language course at the local college. "Ik ben Moniko, hoe gaat het met u?". Sadly, it never got further than this :(

Riding a Dutch citybike through Amsterdam (the quintessential Dutch experience) has yet to become a dream come true, but with our love of cycling, it can't be far away. What an amazing trip it must be to be surrounded by fellow cyclists every which way you turn and to have special rights to boot!

Until such opportunity arises...I will remain the crazy Mevr. who adores tulips and has a penchant for Dutch ovens (Le Creuset, not the obnoxious game played under the covers).