Thursday, July 05, 2007

Too Much Muscle, Not Enough Brains!

Just a few days earlier, we were patriotically waving our flag for Canada Day and last night we proudly waved the Spanish flag at the FIFA U-20 World Cup. As Spain triumphed at their 2-1 victory over Zambia, we partook in the cultural experience of drinking beer from plastic cups, boisterous chanting and friendly insults..."Too much muscle, not enough brains!"

Luckily, our complimentary seats were located in the covered grandstand on the west side of the field, protecting our eyes from the brilliant sol of this week's magnificent hot spell. It made for an awesome time, even with the endless queues for the porta-potty (it only takes one beer) and Tom Thumb mini-donuts.

The FIFA souvenir tents were mobbed with fans despite the over-inflated prices of official gear. I don't know how times I overheard parent's telling their children that they were not going to spend ten bucks on a dinky little soccer ball key ring!

Having said that, we still spent sixty beans on a slinky red jersey that sported a saffron graphic of a charging bull! *grinning*