Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Addict

Just two weeks ago, a bike was stolen from this area, so I was hesitant to lock it up. The building was secured, so I patiently waited for someone to exit, as I imitated a bike courier with a special delivery.

I walked through a maze of corridors before I met up with the Masala Princess* and we ducked into the women's washroom, where I then pulled out the goods for viewing.

As I laid out the selection of merchandise, her eyes widened while smacking her lips and her body temperature rose in excitement. During the course of our transaction, several women were taken aback as they walked in on us. They were curious, but tried not to make eye contact as we went about our business.

Dizzy with emotion and with unsteady hands, MP explored each piece with little constraint. What was promised to be a quick and dirty job soon became an event, as MP was a self-confessed addict. Only an addict would call me their new best friend after one introduction. Another woman happened upon us and wanted in on the action. Who was I to say no? Business is business.

One hour later, MP had nailed down her choices and was intoxicated with her purchase of a black diamond and jet necklace, two fabulous pairs of crystal AB chandeliers and dazzling cocktail ring. Impulsively, Jane Doe also picked up a pair of vintage drop crystal earrings - she knows a good deal when she sees one.

Word-of-mouth advertisement, no table fees, no long and tedious set-up and no need for someone to watch my booth while I run to the loo!

This was entrepreneurship at it's finest. Look for Izzy and Buds at a potty near you.

*Names have been changed to protect the guilty.