Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Plunge

At the eleventh hour, we finally decided to take the plunge into the world of advertisement and placed a teeny weeny ad in 24 Hours special feature, All Things Bridal Wedding Guide.

100,000 copies of this sixteen page insert will be distributed over the next couple of days and a PDF version of this is available for download from their website.

Brides-to-be and bridal parties have been adorned with Izzy and Buds' glamorous, ultra-feminine jewelry for years. We would be thrilled to work with you in designing the perfect jewelry for your very special day.

Contact us for more information.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Say Goodnight Gracie

August 11, 1996 - March 13, 2007

Gracie Lieske, the beloved chocolate Labrador of Paul, Basia and Katie passed away suddenly last Tuesday of undetermined complications.

One of our favourite Gracie memories is the night she hid under our bed in the Lieske guest room during a wicked Bowen thunderstorm. NOBODY got any sleep that night with all that whimpering!

Where there was food...there was Gracie and it was always a good chuckle watching others chow down on their smokies at the Paradise Grill while Gracie patiently waited for a dribble of fried onion to fall to the ground. If you were an unsuspecting two-year old, even funnier!

Goodnight Gracie, you'll be sadly missed, as the market won't be quite the same without you.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Our friend Laurel Bailey from Naked Soapworks has taken the big leap to do a new solo show titled, "Self-Storage".

It is being produced in conjunction with Babel Rap, a one-act play performed by two of Bowen Island's funniest Englishmen. Both of the shows are written by Vancouver playwrights and both of the directors are Bowen theatre folk. The shows are this weekend only, and ONLY on Bowen.

Click here for BC Ferry schedules from Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove.

Please Let Me Explain

It has been almost two months since our last entry and so much has happened, yet not a peep. I know that many of you have faithfully checked in regularly for an update, only to be disappointed by old news. Our most humble apologies, but...

Shortly after the New Year, we found out that we had to move from our home (landlord having financial issues), which of course if right up there with death and divorce as far as emotions go. We were in shock, numb and in denial, all while searching for the perfect flat. The chaos of boxes everywhere and disorganization touched on depression and despair and we basically shut out the outside world. Two months later and barely into our new abode, we are now reorganizing our lives.

In between all of this, Jesee was a victim of a hit and run accident while riding his bike. Witnesses reported that it was a semi-truck that hit him from behind and flipped him into the air before he landed hard on the concrete and opened his eyes to see their faces staring down at him. With more lives than an alley cat, Jesee walked away from this without any broken bones. The ambulance could not take his bike with them to the hospital, so he declined their recommendation. However, the RCMP did give him a lift home, so that he could put his bike away before seeking medical attention. Jesee can truly say without exaggeration, "I feel like I've been hit by a truck!".

Recovery with the help of painkillers, massage and physio has been slow, but steady progress. It's a miracle that he was not more seriously injured and what probably saved him was his Xen
helmet and being hit from behind. Not knowing what was about to happen, gave him no time to tense his body in preparation for impact and fly as free as a rag doll.

Valentine's and Chinese New Year celebrations took a back seat to sorting, packing and schlepping boxes. Even dinners at home have been mediocre...bleh.

What kept me going were my Survivor Bootcamp classes. Three times a week at 6 a.m., I'd work my arse out for an hour and rid myself of any stress before going to work. It kept me sane and nice, and I highly recommend this to anyone who loves pushing his or her limits to the max. "Sir, yes sir!"

Soon enough, I will start commuting and try not to think the worse of drivers on my daily rides. Just what kind of person would leave someone injured lying on the road anyway?