Sunday, January 14, 2007

About Town - Lombardo's

We were long overdue for another viewing of Casino Royale. The first time around was from the second row on opening night and I barely made it out of the theatre with my head spinning from trying to focus on the screen. Since that night, I'd been yearning to return for an encore performance from the latest Bond, Daniel Craig. *shameless drooling*

For our pre-theatre dinner, we dropped into to the newly opened Lombardo's Pizzeria around the corner from the Paramount Theatre. Once a regular at their Commercial Drive location (but, not since the mid 90's), we had great expectations.

The four of us shared a large Classico Calzone (tomatoes, two kinds of cheese, salami and ham) and a couple of salads. Service was very pleasant and the food was good, but not exceptional. The lack of artwork and decor on the walls (although soon to arrive) not only felt cold and uninviting, but made for very poor acoustics, especially at our table tucked away in the corner under the balcony. It was near impossible to converse with our friends without shouting across the table and our hideaway seemed to suck up all the surrounding babble like a vacuum.

Given that Lombardo's is conveniently located next to the Paramount, a prix fixe menu would be a nice option for theatre-goers who need to dine and dash (because sitting in the front row is no way to watch a film). I have faith that once they iron out the kinks and find their groove, it could be a very haute spot indeed.

Lombardo's Pizzeria & Ristorante
970 Smithe Street
Vancouver, BC