Wednesday, December 27, 2006

holidayed out

We started doing our Christmas shows immediately after Hallowe'en, so by the time Christmas actually rolls around...we're already tired of it! There is such a thing as too much Christmas and now we're recovering from Christmasitis. Symptoms include sensitivities to the Chipmunk Song and liquored-up old geezers posing as the really jolly St. Nick.

Every weekend has been designated to either a show or a holiday party, which usually involves an overload of high-calorie goodies and not so Muzak to my ears. The doctor of the house recommends a natural home remedy - hit the trails and embrace the sun and fresh air. Check.

A couple of low-keyed and enjoyable things we did this season was go on a Christmas Light tour on our bikes and watch The Holiday. Personally, this sweet, romantic comedy is most memorable for the beautiful English scenery and I'm not referring to Jude Law, though he was most pathetically adorable. It's a typical chic flic - predictable and mindless entertainment, but amusing nonetheless.

What was more impressive is the Rio Theatre on Broadway. This cozy, single-screen theatre has a wonderful, warm and fuzzy feel to it, where there aren't any crowds of rambunctious adolescence to contend with, plenty of free street parking and comfortable seats for a mere $8.00. With the convenience of Skytrain and a number of restaurants and cafés just around the corner, I selfishly hope this little gem stays undiscovered a wee bit longer.

We recently picked up a copy of the much coveted, hard to find - had a glass: THE TOP 100 WINES FOR 2007 UNDER $20.00 by Kenji Hodgson and James Nevison from Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks down on West 2nd Avenue.

We were quite pleased to see mucho recommendations of Spanish wines including the Segura Viudas Brut "Reserva", a Mongeot family staple. With only 3 down and 97 bottles to go, we should be in fine shape as we ring in the New Year.

Speaking of fine the season comes to an end and life gets back into the groove, I am preparing myself for a tortuous month of Survivor Boot Camp, a Christmas pressie to myself. As I'm a bit of a fair-weather commuter, I haven't been on the bike as much as I would like, hence the affliction of junk in the trunk that needs tending to.

ANOTHER pressie to myself was a pair of women-specific Nike AIR MAX N-Dorfin 3 Rollerblades that promises to transform me into an "inline goddess". Hmm, complemented with a pair of our goddess earrings, nothing can stop me now...

"...I will survive."