Friday, December 01, 2006

About Town

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After setting up our table in advance for the Marché de Noël, we decided to dine at the centre's in-house bistro, Salade de Fruit. We have heard much praise for this intimate and cozy hideaway, so when opportunity presented itself, we could not resist. Jesee and I both indulged in the generous portions of Moules et Frites et Canard Confit. The mussels were absolutely the freshest and most tender we've ever enjoyed and the succulent duck confit resting on a bed of sauce à cassis created an emotional excitement within us. All this superbness accompanied by a carafe of wine, crackling Piaf and an Eiffel Tower Christmas tree looking over us gets two thumbs up from Tapas and Dim Sum.

Two weeks ago on opening night, we watched and loved Casino Royale and we were curious to find out why people were fussing about Happy Feet. Heartwarming and adorable as it was, it didn't do a whole lot for me like Daniel Craig did. He's really all THAT and a bag of chips.

Truth be known, going to the cinema was more about me finding a place to rest my weary feet for a few hours before we headed to the Lotus Lounge for a night of dancing. Resident DJ Andrew Pacey was playing an early set which suited us old dudes just fine. As we zoned out and let loose to the progressive house beat, the age thing became less evident...that is until we ran out of juice.