Sunday, November 12, 2006


Last night, we attended a lovely, intimate potluck dinner for sixteen, to wish our friend a bon voyage on her sojourn to Dublin.

The charming Point Grey residence is home to a collection of original artworks including those of local artist, Thomas Anfield. Straight away, I was drawn to the deep and dark energy in this painting titled Ming Men. I soon understood that the midnight blue mood encompassing the nude figure reflects the colour of the Kidney chakras (according to Taoist spiritual teachings) and believed to be the storage centre of sexual and energetic essences. Magnificent.

It was an evening of flowing conversations with a group of very intriguing people. Meeting new friends that you have passions in common with is always exciting. Watching Jesee and his new mate, Russell squeal like choirboys while drooling over bike speak, Miles Davis and concert adventures around the world was most entertaining.

The science behind successful dinner parties can be rather complicated at best. Organizing the guest list, the menu and decor etc. can turn any hostess with the mostest into a flailing spaz. In this case, the simplicity and lack of forethought made for a perfectly fine soirée. Chapeaux Basia and congratulations on your two-year anniversary with SHED!

Current Music: Original soundtrack from Diva composed and conducted by Vladmir Cosma