Sunday, August 20, 2006

Naf Naf

Last night after a beautiful day at the Saturday market, we presented ourselves at Rob and Laurel's for their annual pig roast. Their newly renovated homestead overlooking the ocean and the mainland beyond was the perfect setting for this gathering of victuals and spirits.

It was not long before we were engaged in conversation with fellow foodies Julie and Christophe Langlois from Tuscany's and Park Heffelfinger of Memphis Blues BBQ House fame. Watching grown men salivate and get excited about cooking is sooo sexy!

The aroma of garden fresh rosemary and garlic emitting from this succulent other white meat was begging to be carved.

Served up with honest Southern fixins' of baked beans, potato salad, corn bread and slaw, there was barely room for one of Laurel's famous desserts. Because it just wouldn't be darn polite to say no, like gracious guests, we obliged.

Unlike Sweet Potato Queens, we rolled out like pumpkins in the wee hours of darkness hurtin' for some antacids and beauty sleep.

The soothing sounds of a man-made fountain outside our bedroom lulled us right to sleep. Only hours later, the vibrant sunlight peaked through the windows inviting us to wake up and take in the magnificent vista from the deck.

Since today was a planned and much needed vacation day away from the market, an alfresco brunch at Tuscany's was in order. Neither Jesee nor I are fans of pancakes, but we had to sample the very much talked about, Mother Theresa's Lemon & Ricotta Pancakes. As promised...they were simply divine. Italian folksongs sweetly playing in the background and Peach Bellinis gratis from co-owner and maitre d' extraordinaire, Julie was the icing on the slice of paradise we hope to one day call home.