Friday, August 18, 2006

iPod, therefore iBike

Not so typical summer weather and a bout of strep throat has kept me fairly low-keyed and off the saddle. Near full recovery, I needed some motivation and have finally clued in to what billions around the world already know.

Recently, Jesee upgraded his Nano to a 4 GB, so naturally I inherited my very own almost, just about, practically brand new 2-gigger. I never quite grasped this pop culture phenomenon...until NOW. Yes, you too can feel like an Übermodel, as the sidewalk becomes your catwalk. Work it baby, you own it.

What is more thrilling is riding with my iPod and how my commute has taken on a whole new mind trip. I never realized just how quickly the time passes, while climbing hills and cruising through the urban jungle. Somehow it lessens the need for road rage with careless drivers on their CrackBerries, when you're pedalling to some Balearic Beat or local DJ Andrew Pacey.

Who needs doping when you've got the power of music?