Saturday, July 08, 2006

Nearly killed and not so thrilled!

As a token of his appreciation for the work we did on Danika's fundraiser, Papa Dan Schroeter kindly gifted us the use of his Whistler condo for a week.

We had an über fun time riding both XC trails and the Bike Park. The weather was sunny, HOT and clammy. Add a pack filled with tools, energy bars/drinks/gels, along with two-litres of water on our backs, throw in some mosquitoes for good measure and Bob's your uncle.

Unfortunately, during our ride on Thrill Me, Kill Me, Jesee flung himself down a small cliff before finding safety with the helping limb of a Charlie Brown tree. Like a trooper, he finished the two-hour ride, but soon admitted that he needed medical attention.

While Jesee nursed his knee, the rest of us ripped the trails of Crank It Up, Angry Pirate and Devil's Club. Some of it was more than I bargained for and definitely a test of my nerves, since I'm afraid of heights. Even though the Angry Pirate got the best of me, I escaped unscathed.

As a reprieve for my aching body, we went to see The Devil Wears Prada. Stanley Tucci was bitchy, witty and hilarious and Meryl Streep makes my boss look like a pussy cat. Eric Lurio from the Greenwich Village Gazette describes it best - "Dilbert Meets Sex and the City". A chick flick worthy enough to add to my limited DVD collection.

We also watched some FIFA World Cup (Portugal and their demise with the French), while knocking back some Lifty Lagers and Hot Wings at the Whistler BrewHouse. This combined with Tylenol 3 made for a very loopy Jesee, as he felt NO PAIN.

We only dined out a few times, as Jesee ensured that we ate like kings 3x/day. The only restaurant deserving of mention is Crêpe Montagne. We found the organized dance performed by the kitchen staff in barely 25 square feet of work space quite impressive, as was the service. Unlike our friends who indulged in Nutella crêpes first thing in the morning, we nourished ourselves with a breakfast crêpe of eggs, back bacon and Gruyère. DÉLICIEUX!

Jesee celebrating his 47th birthday at the top.

We ended the week with a visit to the Farmer's Market that I've heard so much about. It was somewhat disappointing considering the hype around this market. There were several jewelry stalls, but nothing which compared to Izzy & Buds, which leads me to believe that Whistler might be in need of some fabulous, goddess jewelry.