Saturday, July 29, 2006

Guten Appetit!

Tonight we celebrated the birthdays of brothers Walt and Collin and our dear friend, Paul's 50th with one of Jesee's killer paellas.

Loaded with plenty of goodness from the sea, both surf and turf lovers alike consumed this masterpiece with contented happiness.

While we ate the birthday Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte that was lovingly prepared by Elfriede, we sat back and enjoyed the view of the endless* cruise ships sailing by at sunset.

Niklaus led the group in German folk songs, as we all held hands and pretended to sing along before laughing at our silly selves. Prost and more champagne please!

Danke Walt and Laura for sharing your hearts and your home and graciously hosting another hübsch event.

Current Music: Moby 18

*It was explained to me that ships try to travel during the time of slack water, hence why they all appeared to be sailing at the same time.