Friday, June 09, 2006

Oil and water do not mix!

I was such a pathetic sight. I had just received a long overdue manicure and pedicure and was feeling very relaxed and pretty. The fine day had turned into an ugly evening and outside it was a torrential downpour.

As I hit the streets in my gold-beaded flip-flops (carefully planned so that I wouldn't muck up the fresh polish), I soon found out that it was going to be a looong journey home. My feet were covered in rich massage cream and that combined with the rain made for a slippery trek that pretty much left me walking like an injured duckie - a far cry from my usual confident clip.

I seized every opportunity to wipe the oil slick off the bottom of my feet onto my now drenched capris. It was useless. I was so tempted to remove my sandals and walk home in my bare feet, but I had just spent a small fortune getting my tender tootsies pumiced, scrubbed, massaged and wrapped in paraffin wax. Call me stubborn, but there was no way in the nine hells that I was going to let this pedicure go to waste!

As I tackled a slight incline en route, I began sliding backwards right out of my flip-flops. I started "side-stepping", a skill learned from my days of skiing, but even that failed to get me up the hill. Perhaps if I had some frickin' poles? I had no alternative, but to do an about-face and walk backwards up the was REALLY sad.

Current song in my head: I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor