Sunday, May 28, 2006

Guess who's coming to dinner?

It was hardly considered appropriate dinner conversation, but I was fully prepared to educate MJ and his lady friend on the benefits of a hardwood over carpet...

Remembering the first time Jesee and I rode with MJ as our JH Pedals & Pints ride leader, we joked about his then preconception of me - a couple of stitches, a broken finger and a concussion later, he didn't think this fashionista would have it in her to tough it out.

Ahem, please do not call me princess or pay close attention to my wounded legs during riding season, thank you.

Long life for the crazy people...

With slick salesman style, MJ cashed in on a year old dinner invite, but we were very glad to see him nevertheless. Seemingly, he has recovered from a laceration to his liver after an endo on Upper Oil Can AND has found his mojo again. So much, that he's looking to buy a duckadee Ducati.

Our tummies were already full with an appy of phyllo pastries stuffed with an ice shrimp, grilled jalapeño, carmelized onion and asiago concoction before taking on a hearty paella and finishing with a strawberry mousse. Attention people: ALL DIETS ARE OFF.

There was the inevitable biking babble - i.e. the über fun ride last week at Galbraith Mountain with Chris and Karli, the need for speed or the itch to up our forks and shocks because everyone wants six inches in the rear, right?

The icing on the cake this night was MJ's friend wanting to shop. She couldn't help but pick out a few crackerjack pieces for herself when she laid eyes on our Swarovski treasures. MJ, we like those kinds of friends - you can invite yourself to dinner anytime!