Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's better to be scared to death than bored to death...

I honestly cannot say that life is ever boring or uneventful. I love the challenges that leave you emotionally charged, forcing you to endure mental and physical fatigue, restless nights and grueling days. It's the adrenalin rush and the satisfaction you feel when it's all good and done. Push your limits to the max and amaze yourself with your incredible strength and wit. Just do it!

After a three week hiatus of maxing myself out, I hang up my superhero cape (for the moment) and return to wear one of my many other hats...that of the muse. This often requires creativity to inspire the artist to create, but sometimes it only needs something as simple as amour. When the heart is full, the juices start flowing and the imagination is endless.

As my quasi-metrosexual reminds me that I am his goddess and he is my proverbial rock, I acknowledge that he is also my muse before I fly off to battle yet another day.

Current Music: La Vie en Rose - Grace Jones