Saturday, February 18, 2006

Big bikes, sushi and beer

It has been a very busy week of production, social engagements and networking. Valentine's arrived with a special gift from mi amor. I gushed in delight when presented with these beautiful earrings of vintage crystal, Hyacinth Swarovski and silver filigree.

I appreciatively wore these sweet beauties out to the Velodrome and to the
Outdoor Adventure Show. They certainly did not go unnoticed, as promising clients admired them. Our friend, Karli says that orange brings good karma and as it happens, it's one of our favourite colours - so BRING IT ON.

While at the Bike Expo, I could not help but try out this good karma bike by HUKK. Although it complimented my ensemble beautifully, I found it to be a pretty big bike for a little rider comme moi. Maneuvering it through the crowds in my heels was child's play, but bombing this big baby down the mountains might be another story. HUKK is working on a women specific bike, so until then I'll stick with my beloved Trance.

It seemed there were fewer exhibitors this year and that was a bit disappointing, however it was a wonderful evening catching up with friends and meeting new ones, like the very energetic Kelli Sherbinin of
Endless Biking. I often find myself converging with other dynamic personalities for the need to feed off their keeps the world going round.

We later dropped by Sushiyama's on East Broadway and treated our taste buds to their sensational chopped scallop roll and melt-in-your-mouth sashimi, chased down by a nice cold bottle of Sapporo. My wasabe-cleared sinuses particularly fancied and devoured both the bonito and salmon sashimi. This little gem of a restaurant is a keeper.

La vita è bella...