Saturday, January 07, 2006

Two Thousand and Six

We brought in the New Year with an intimate group of friends sans fanfare, catching up on each other's lives and making plans for the future, but none of them actually involved a "resolution".

Here we are seven days into the new year and nothing feels especially new. The skies ever so dark and gloomy, the rain relentless and temperatures cool...the winter doldrums have arrived.

I've started detoxification of my temple with all things naughty including alcohol, caffeine and anything refined or processed. The dizziness comes and goes as my body withdraws from life's little luxuries of pâté de foie gras, Merlots and crème caramel. *sigh*

The changes are not only physical, but also psychological, as I've even noticed that wearing my fabulous chandeliers has taken a back seat to more demure ornament drops. There are moments when I feel much like a bear and hibernating or at the very least a lay down and tummy rub just like Sadie in the pix below.

Soon all this will change as Chinese New Year is three weeks away and the "gorging" and exchange of Red Envelopes begins. With Valentine's Day following close behind, all that red is sure to lift one out of this winter funk and be filled with warmth and happiness, but for the moment, I'll just cozy up under the covers with a hot cuppa tea and a delicious book while I resolve not to...