Friday, January 20, 2006

Sex in the City

It was a Carrie Bradshaw moment as I breathlessly arrived fashionably late for a long overdue lunch with the girls today. Because of scheduling conflicts, we hadn't seen each other since forever and a day. It usually requires numerous emails back and forth before we can all mutually agree on a suitable date.

The energy was high (probably the results of the glorious sunny weather) and melodramatic as we exchanged stories of our four lives over a quick and uninspired bite at Scoozi's. WE being the fitness gurus I met through FitCity back in my days as a gym rat, chin-wagged about families, careers, travels, mammograms and toys boys.

My trusted friend, whom I shall refer to as Samantha, told us about a fundraising project she was working on for her daughter's school. I quickly seized the opportunity to support the kids and offered to donate some jewelry for the silent auction at the 10th Annual Hastings Elementary Quebec Exchange Fundraising Dance.

It sounds like a promising event and benefit. Tickets are only $15.00 and available at Highlife Records. Come out for an evening of fun and bid on some goodies at the silent auction.

Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystal AB Necklace 16.5" and Earring Set (MSRP $150.00)