Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blame it on the rain...

I was doomed from the start as I introduced myself to the belligerent audience. Arduous as it was, my presentation left no impact and though I knew it wasn't personal, I had felt so defeated all the same. The dreary, darkness of the day did nothing to lift my spirits as I trudged home in the torrential downpour. Record breaking days of rain or not, I'm really beginning to lose my sense of humour.

As per Sr Jesee's orders and AGAINST my temple detoxification cleanse, a troubled night called for a double dose of espresso this morning. Out the door I went with my superhero spirit in tow ready to fight off evil, NOT. I stood wearily at the intersection and stepped off the curb in anticipation of the light turning green, when I suddenly realized it didn't. A nanosecond later, I leapt back on the curb just as a city bus came barreling down the street, blowing it's horn. As the sardine-mover decelerated, I recognized the driver waving at me was our riding buddy, Fergie. Dude, thanks for the wake-up call, but there are better means to take my breath away!

Shiny things never fail to make us happy and we were tickled pink when we received our latest shipment of delicious crystals. Looking forward to brighter days, we cannot wait to flaunt our latest designs, so stay tuned for our tribute to Cupid...coming soon.

Current Music: Sinnerman - Nina Simone - Verve Remixed 2