Monday, November 28, 2005

Twilight Zone

The crack of dawn had barely passed when I had the most glorious ride into town. The glistening roads, snowcapped mountains and beaming lights coming off The Cut was a vision of winter wonderland. My digits were barely intact as the piercing temperatures hovered at zero; nonetheless it brought a smile to my face.

Over the summer I ran into an old friend from Toronto who reminded me of the time that my ears got frostbitten. It was minus twenty-two with the windchill factor and I refused to remove the metal, clip-on earrings my mother bought me. They transmitted the biting cold ten-fold; the foolish things we do for fashion.

Current Music: Golden Earring - Cut

Current Drink I Crave: Heineken

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Safety First

I've literally been walking around with my head in a fog today. For non-Vancouverites, this is all we've seen for the past three days...

As I pondered about safety gear and how one can make themselves be more visible, I thought, why not accessorize with some highly reflective crystal jewelry? There's nothing like a little bling to make your presence be known.

Current Music: Just What I Needed - The Cars

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Old Guys Rule

Tonight we celebrated our friend, David Graff's 50th birthday. After our record-breaking day at Dunbar, we zipped over to Bowen for an intimate evening with David's closest friends and family at the Aldercove Estates a.k.a Party Central. As always, delectable food was plentiful and especially welcomed after a very looong and busy day.

Here's a photo of David back in the early 80's during his days as a professional musician, looking very suave and sexy. Check out the Final Net helmut and sky-high shoulder pads! I vividly remember swooning over the likes of Spandau Ballet, Japan and Duran Duran. The 80's were a very good time.

As it happens, I recently found a photo of myself from a shoot back in 1985. During the break we were hanging out in the studio looking to have some fun with the camera. I was actually there to do the maquillage and not to be the mannequin.

You cannot tell in this photo, but the inspiration was Ryuichi Sakamoto's 1981 album cover - Left Handed Dream. Spontaneous over-indulgence and late nights resulted in something a little different. The 80's were a very good time.

Jesee and Mrs. Graff

Thursday, November 17, 2005

happy anniversary shed!

Heard about it, checked it out and give it two thumbs up. The Eatery on West Broadway is the place to go for sushi served with a side of funk, cool ambiance and great music. We loved the marinated tuna with special sauce, flying fish roe, sesame seeds and asparagus. Dee-lish!

We then made our way to shed home furnishings on West 10th to celebrate their one year anniversary. The store looked fabulous all done up and decorated with Christmas trinkets - très festive.

The unbelievable nibbles were provided by Chef Carol Wallace (ex-Bishops) from Blue Eyed Mary's on Bowen Island. The trifle was heavenly and beckoned a second serving, so we obliged. Chapeau!

We did some Christmas shopping, sipped a glass of wine, picked out a few more gifts, sipped some more's so easy to spend money when you're relaxed!

Check out shed at 4398 West 10th Avenue - lots and lots to look at. Then head out to the charming MIX the Bakery at 4430 West 10th for a latte and biscotti. Bring a friend and make a day of it.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Oh My Gaud

It's happened twice now and I have to scream it out!

During the STA show on Sunday, a mother and daughter were shopping at our table. Mom was admiring the chandeliers for herself when her daughter piped up and said, "No mom, big earrings are gaudy".

I bit my tongue as I flicked my head so that my fabulous chandeliers jingled and shimmered. Mom settled for a classic and conservative vintage crystal set. They left unscathed.

Today, I asked my friend Christine, who created our website and business cards, what jewelry would she like Jesee to design for her. I suggested, perhaps some big chandeliers? She practically squawked, "You know me, I don't wear big gaudy earrings". (sorry Chris, but this amused me)

Again, I'm wearing my fabulous chandeliers. Did I mention FABULOUS? Needless to say, I didn't bite my tongue this time.


Crikey, a lightbulb went there a connection between gaudy and Gaudí?

Here's the Wikipedia definition:

Gaudy is a term used to describe anything as showy in a tasteless or vulgar way. Coined from the architect Antonio Gaudí who designed eccentric and elaborately grotesque buildings in the twentieth century.

Antoni Gaudí i Cornet (June 25 1852 – June 10, 1926) was a Spanish architect famous for his unique style and highly individualistic designs.

Being that both Jesee and I are appreciative fans of Sr Gaudí, we'll take the gaudy comments muchisimas gracias.

La Sagrada Familia - Gaudí's unfinished masterpiece in Barcelona

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Big Weekend at STA

We should have known that seeing this magical rainbow on the way to St. Thomas Aquinas meant we would have a golden day.

To all of our customers who have given us their continuous patronage over the years, we say, "THANK YOU".

We are delighted with the glowing feedback and praise you have given us. You have encouraged us that our unique and original designs are what YOU want. Many of you were just as excited as we were about our latest and greatest made with silver filagree. You like it, you really like it and the numbers speak volumes.

We're now that much closer to our pot of gold ;-)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Word on the street is...

Forty is the new thirty. Since today is my forty and one half-birthday, I suppose I ought to make the most of the other one hundred and eighty-two point five days I have left.

I admit that there are very few days that I actually feel like I'm forty, EXCEPT if I stay up well past my bedtime, indulge in a red wine bender and neglect my daily dose of Wheaties and exercise.

Whew, it's bloody tough being forty! While my life is still a work in progress, I embrace all that I have and strive to be better. I graciously accept the "yummy mummy" compliments and adhere to the theory that it's important for one to feel "bien dans sa peau".

What's my secret? Work hard - play hard and SPF 30 is a MUST. Has anyone seen Ramon, the pool boy?

Current Tune in My Head: Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls

*Disclaimer: This is not a reflection of my taste in music, but the song is so damn catchy, that I can't get it out of my head!