Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ring of Fire

This weekend we viewed an incredible documentary called Cycling the Pacific Ring of Fire Part 2 presented by Pedal Magazine and MEC Stores. It's the story of a Canadian couple's mountain bike journey of the Pacific Rim on a quest to capture the spectacular sights of volcanoes.

Engrossed by the amazing photos and stories behind them, we left the viewing with only one thought in mind...when is it our turn? During the summer on Bowen Island, we met many Spanish visitors who encouraged us to go back to Spain believing that our jewelry would be a smashing success there.

Repeated conversations of returning to France and Spain for a sojourn are on the table once again. How about cycling from Montpellier or Lyon through the vignes in the South of France and over the Pyrénées to Catalonia and onward to Barcelona?

Dare we leave this paradise we call home? Not before we headed out to Kitsilano to indulge in some churros and chocolate caliente to give us more food for thought!