Thursday, September 22, 2005

First Day of Fall

Autumn has officially arrived right on cue with refreshing, crisp air, gleaming sunshine, soft blue skies and cream cheese clouds. All that's missing is the environmentally incorrect smell of burning leaves and grandma's hot apple pie.

It was ideal weather for a walk down to Gastown to check out the Car Free Day celebrations. Water Street was closed to cars for most of the day and replaced with tents of exhibits and demos focusing on awareness to reduce energy consumption. Live music, a Pedalling Zoo and BMX bike tricks were some of the ongoing activities.

During our stroll, I was telling my friend Chris how excited we were to be getting some Swarovski's in their latest new colour Purple Velvet and how much it made me think of Andy Warhol. Don't ask me why, it just does. Chris voiced her opinion of Warhol by saying that it reminded her of an episode of Designing Woman where they went to an opening at an art gallery. They were viewing a modern art exhibit when one of the ladies placed her purse on a pedestal and soon a bidding war for the purse ensued. Like Warhol, it was a freak accident.

Whatever the view... Purple Velvet promises to be the hottest new colour on our tables this fall.