Sunday, August 07, 2005

Missed the Boat

There was oodles of action at the market this weekend; beginning with a mad sale of semi-precious stone n'cord necklaces. We have to laugh at how Jesee's life has come full circle. Once upon a time he sold his macramé jewelry to the tourists in Mallorca and now thirty years later on this little Gulf Island, he's doing it again. We wanted to create something for men to wear, as we believe they too, like to adorn themselves with jewelry. Bowen being Bowen, oozes of "crunchy-granola" flavour and was the perfect place to market these Bohemian treasures.

On my ever so short break, I wandered off to get an ice-cream that was justified by the sweltering heat. Actually, it felt like it was bucket worthy as the temperatures reached twenty seven degrees. I stood in the very long queue and salivated at the passersby with their crême glacée; meanwhile, I tried to make up my mind which flavour to get. During this time I missed a star sighting of Nicholas Cage at the market; it was very quick, as he was Gone in Sixty Seconds. By the time I caught up, I could only see his king-sized yacht sail off into the horizon,
while Bordeaux cherry drizzled down my hand.

Late in the afternoon, Jesee designed a fabulous pair of earrings that were SO fab; it didn't make it to the display. I nabbed these howlite gems for myself and giggled with glee as I paraded around in them. It didn't last too long though; a woman with the most beautiful silver hair was also captured by their beauty. She loved them so much, she bought them right off my ears. I should be thankful that she didn't take the shirt off my back!