Monday, August 15, 2005

Bateaux, Bowen et Baptêmes

"Long life to the crazy people!" This has long been Jesee's motto and it certainly explains how we have managed to survive this urban jungle we live in. We desire to exit this autobahn in hopes of something less complex, but find it incredibly difficult to leave it all (Vancouver) behind.

On Friday, we went on a glorious boat cruise aboard the Kona Winds from False Creek up to Eagle Harbour. We basked in the sun with cold beers in hand as the scent of the salty, ocean air lulled us for four blissful hours.

All was wonderful...until I got home and realized that our flat was rocking something fierce! I popped a couple of Gravol pills and went straight to my spinning bed for the night. Ugh.

Saturday was another busy day at the market and somewhat uneventful. I think I was still dopey and recovering from Friday's seasickness, understandably, I was a bit apprehensive about the ferry ride over.

We officially became godparents yesterday at Sarah's baptism. A simple and lovely ceremony, followed by a huge luncheon, THEN followed by a grazing of Pasteis de Bacalhau, Rissóis de Camarao, Pasteis de Nata (all my personal favourites) and much, much more. Hard to believe that this was considered small by traditional Portuguese standards! As we celebrated with good friends, it became obvious that we just need to stay crazy.