Saturday, July 30, 2005

Karma Carnelian

For several weeks, our display of carnelian pieces drew very little interest; that is until today.

These reddish-brown stones are members of the quartz family and are found throughout the world. The most famous sites are in India, Brazil, Uruguay and Japan. Crystal healers believe that carnelian helps to calm and ease anxiety.

The morning started out with a very handsome woman unable to decide between two pairs of carnelian earrings. Both designs were equally unique and accented with Swarovski, one with Indian Red and the other with Crystal. Her husband and I were in agreement that the pair with the Indian Red complimented her colouring better, however she was hesitant to make a decision and her ever so patient man suggested they come back later.

You've heard this histoire before, but here's the twist...

Within MINUTES, the next two customers that came along each bought a pair of the two that she could not choose between. They have now put this poor woman out of her misery.

One of our Bowen regulars picked up yet another pair for her daughter (it's quite possible that her collection of Izzy & Buds is larger than my own!), while an out of town visitor snatched the other! It's either all or nothing; très amusant.

The day had passed when the couple finally returned and but of course, were disappointed to find out that both pairs had sold. As it happened, we had a few pieces of carnelian available and were able to design another pair to match a necklace we had on display. In the end, they purchased the set and it looked absolutely stunning on her. I believe that these earrings looked even more beautiful on her than the others. Call it karma?