Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Day in Provence

I was inspired by Rosie the lavender lady. Her beautiful long, silver hair delicately frames her gently, etched face carrying a smile that warms the heart. The spirit within her honest hug sparked me to create a beautiful pair of crystal turquoise and opal chandeliers.

These earring were especially alluring and were waiting for the right woman to enjoy them. Many women picked them up in admiration, but only ONE was meant to possess them.

Just a few hours later, that woman came along. A very pretty, Asian woman with exotic features, wearing Pocahontas braids, fell in love with them at once. Tormented by whether or not she should make this purchase, she reluctantly walked away from the table only to return five times! Seeking encouragement from her friends and partner, who all agreed that these chandeliers looked fantastic on her, she walked away once again and headed for the hiking trails. In the end, her John Smith insisted that she should come back and buy the earrings, as he knew very well that she would be disappointed if she waited until after the hike. Now there is a wise man...perhaps he had read our blog, "
You lose"?

The market was positively busy, crowded with lobster-red, sun worshippers welcoming the long overdue summer heat. Ferry loads of people flocked to Bowen and were welcomed with the scents of the salty, ocean air and Rosie's fresh cut lavender as they strolled along the boardwalk. Not unlike Provence, Bowen is sure to delight both the young and the young at heart.