Thursday, May 26, 2005


Crowds of shoppers hustling and bustling about, clutching their bags and some toting children while seeking unique and original gifts. We always get a gathering of women who hone into our dazzling display like magpies, cawing, "Ooh jewelry, I LOVE shiny things!"

There's something about Swarovski crystals and the way it captures the light and reflects a prism of colours like the Aurora Borealis. It's really quite stunning and most definitely eye-catching. So much in fact that I was once ambushed by a black bird of some sort while waiting for the bus early one morning. It swooped down off a tree and grazed my head with it's sharp, ugly feet, landing only a few metres in front of me on the road. I stood there in a stupor as it glared at me, as if we were competing in some childish staring contest.

I realized that it was eyeing my sparkly, crystal earrings and he meant business. It was between the bird and me. I was careful not to make any sudden moves, thanks in part to the horror stories of people having their eyes poked out by these varmints. Somewhat paralyzed, I was visualizing his little hide-a-way full of stolen gems from unsuspecting victims. I contemplated my next maneuver...will there be bloodshed as I foolhardily protect my precious earrings? I snapped out of this B-movie when the bus promptly arrived.