Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Fabulous and Forty

What exactly does it all mean? I'm feeling fabulous and today I'm forty, but REALLY...what exactly does it all mean?

Everyone has their sob story, but ultimately we choose the path in which to take. As a woman, a wife and a mother, I have hit upon many bumps on the road, taken a few unexpected detours and have even driven right off the fast lane. Periodically, I pull out the trusty map just to make sure that I'm moving in the right direction and sometimes, but not often, I just ride with the wind.

Life is a game in which we play to survive. There aren't many hard and fast rules and perhaps that's just as well because it's human nature to break them or at the very least...bend them. We all desire to feel free of the stresses of daily life and to have the freedom to do things at whim, however the reality is that life happens.

Good humour and self respect is a solid foundation for true happiness. It's not usually something we find in our twenties, as we're too busy drowning in paltry self-admiration to notice that real life is happening around us. In our thirties, we're working hard and driven by careers and family obligations. We start to better understand who we are and what are roles in life are, but haven't yet achieved that feeling of satisfaction.

Then we arrive at our forties...feeling confident, fulfilled and comfortable in our own skins. Thanks to my husband's culinary savvy, I eat like a French Woman, never hungry and always surrounded by healthy, delectable food that is lovingly prepared. There's a respect for my mind and body that ranks above senseless diets and endless hours on the StairMaster. I LOVE riding my bicycle, it makes me feel stronger and younger and this makes me smile.

With two beautiful, amazing children and a partner who adores me, I have balance and harmony that allows me the freedom to love myself, love others and love life. Who needs to be young again? I AM young and I feel fabulous!

40th birthday celebration for Paula M, me and Paula K