Friday, April 08, 2005

You lose!

One of the things that I always try to stress to shoppers is that if they see something that they really like, then they should not hesitate to buy it. Each design is an original and we don't usually replicate them, except by special request.

Here's an example of what happened at the St. Thomas Aquinas show in November. A mother and daughter came to the table and were admiring a pair of chandelier earrings. They ooohed and aaahed for several minutes and then left the table.

Shortly after, another woman came by and had admired the same pair of earrings the day before. She went home and couldn't stop thinking about them, so returned the very next day to buy them. As fate had it, they were still there and she was one very lucky and happy customer!

Another five minutes had passed and the mother returned to the table, this time without her daughter. She came back to buy the earrings for her daughter as a gift, but it was TOO late, as I had just sold them! The look of disappointment on her face was a bit disheartening.

If it's love at first sight and you believe that those earrings are destined to be yours...why risk an opportunity to own them, unless you're a gamblin' kind of girl?