Sunday, April 10, 2005

Harrison, where are you?

We spent the weekend at Bowen Island visiting some good friends and just HAD to find out if all the buzz about Harrison Ford were true. Did he or did he NOT buy a house on the waterfront for thirteen million dollars? Our doubts were dispelled, as we were informed by reliable sources that it was a fabrication. This is also true of the farfetched story that he in fact bought the whole island and is giving the residents of Bowen until December to move off!

Since there was no sign of this hunky actor or his "petite" lady friend at any of the Bowen hot spots, we moved on in search of adventure. Bikes and gear in tote, we enjoyed a beautiful ride in and about Crippen Regional Park. The glowing sunshine peeking though the trees in the forrest was just a bonus to this incredibly breathtaking island, as we would have gladly accepted the rain all the same. Pungent smells of skunk cabbage contrasted by scents of pine trees and Spanish moss aroused our olfactory senses. By the end of our ride, we were grinning with exhilaration and continued on to The Snug for un café and une pâtisserie.

Now, on to the real reason we journeyed to cook a paella! Doesn't this photo make you lick your chops? Jesee's paella is quite the crowd pleaser and he comes from a family of paella competion winners that included both his father and younger brother back in Mallorca.

Preparing this meal was not without incident. The "chef" managed to cut his hand with a slip of the knife and it was not a pretty sight. It was serious enough that it warranted suturing, so off we went back into town to find a medic to sew him up. Being that it was the weekend and a small town, it was a little more challenging. After much running around, we finally were able to find the good doctor on call with the help of the pharmacist. As it turned out, Dr. Ocana is a fellow Spaniard and mountain biker, so of course we were in good hands! A severed artery explained the gushing fountain of blood, but I wasn't going to be a widow just yet. A few stitches later, we were out of the office and sped along the rolling hills back to the other side of the island to resume the prep of this national Spanish dish. My dear, Harrison, it's too bad you weren't around because the paella was fantástica!

A note to our loyal clients...

"Don't fret, the artist can still create!"