Sunday, April 17, 2005

Greek Gods

There's nothing like a shave and a haircut to perk one up when one is feeling a bit blah. We always look forward to seeing our barber, Nick Mesotopitis and the blokes for our monthly visits. For more than 38 years, Nick has been the icon of The Barber Shop in the West End. I don't know what we'll do when he retires, as most people know, a good barber/stylist is a treasure. Not only is Nick exceptionally deft with a razor, but he's also a very handsome, fine gentleman, whom we are honored to call our friend. I'm quite sure he was an Adonis in his days!

I remember the first time I walked into the shop... the growth on my head was about three weeks old, as I had it mowed off to raise funds for Cancer Research. Since it wasn't growing in evenly, it was time for a "haircut". For more than 20 years I had been going to top salons and paying top dollar to get coiffed and primmed and now I was walking into unfamiliar male dominated territory. I raised a few eyebrows and lowered a few newspapers as I sat down in a chair and smiled nervously while adjusting the Hermès scarf on my head. There wasn't a receptionist or a numbering system, so I had to keep track of who was in front of me. Nick was just returning from his lunch break when I gestured to him that I was up next. A quick shave and a haircut and a bit more than two bits later, I hopped out of the big, old-fashioned red barber's chair carefully, as to not trip on my stilettos.

Since that fateful day of meeting Nick, I have indulged in the liberation of shortly cropped hair. He always pays detailed attention to ensure that not a single hair is out of place and without exception I walk out of the shop with an impeccably shaped do! I have learned that he has buzzed the heads of many a person I've encountered and I continue to rave about him to all of our friends and customers. Nick's the best and it's no secret that I have a crush on him. I forever joke about following him back to Greece during his holidays, for more reasons than a haircut. Who wouldn't want to laze on the sunny Mediterranean beaches and feast upon rosemary and lemon basted lamb roasting on an open spit, while drinking copious amounts of Ouzo? Remember Shirley Valentine?

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