Friday, April 08, 2005

Chocolate martinis...mmm

Backstage at the fashion show it was pandemonium. Dresses, shoes, petticoats and jewelry flying around everywhere. Grade 12 students transformed into beautiful models squeezing into evening dresses with corsets, trying not to stain them with their make-up and secretions of salty water.

With the exception of hair and make-up, there were no professionals, only a few parent volunteers. Unfortunately, there were just not enough hands.

Then there was us. Just me and two of my gal pals who I roped into helping me with accessorizing the models. I was organized with photos of the models and of the dresses that they would be wearing and noted their neck sizes. I ensured that every piece of jewelry perfectly complimented their ensembles. They looked fabulous!

The emcees announced away and the models strutted their stuff down the catwalk, or so they tried. It was their first time and this by any means was not a production of "America's Top Model".

The chaotic evening of giddy girls laughing, screaming and crying from nerves and some from euphoria came to an end as the emcees thanked the audience, the teachers, the volunteers and the generous contributions from the sponsors. Here comes our moment...wait, I didn't hear them thank Izzy and Buds. I immediately brought this oversight to their attention and they tried to slip it in, but people were already leaving their seats and all that was audible was the muffled voice of the emcee.

Our whole purpose of doing this event was to gain some exposure with a different demographic for our business. We donated several door prizes and hours of time and energy and we didn't even get one customer from this fiasco!

After carefully packing up all the jewelry and saying good-bye to the models, we headed out for a much needed cocktail. Ergo, the discovery of the chocolate martini(s). Damn, those things are soooo good! It eased the pain of the train wreck and reminded us not to do this again.

  *Note to self...IF ever invited to do shows like this again, close eyes,   smack lips and savour the taste of the chocolate martini! Thank you Karli for introducing me to this wicked concoction.